WHOOP, There It Is!

After they collaborated together on ‘Hypergraphia’ track ‘Boombap’ Flo & Starrlight decided to put their minds together and create an EP with the intention of dispelling the belief that Hip-Hop is a predominantly male oriented and dominated genre, and the end result most definitely achieves just that!
With Flo’s soft toned and identifying British singing voice and Starrlight’s unique flow and sound their voices contrast one another beautifully across the five track release, with only one track containing features (a song about how music can unite people around the globe including UK rapper Dotzy Dotz & Dutch hip-hop guru Psl Persoonlijk). The rest of the release focuses on subject matters ranging from love to politics, with every track having a theme or concept, with both Flo & Starrlight taking on verse duties this release showcases the lyrical finesse of both artists, channeled through rapping and singing in unison.

To conclude, we are very excited to drop this release, True Unity Records have been working in conjunction with Eastgardenmusic members for a few years now, including international shows together, one in particular in Germany where Flo & Starrlight were able to showcase the ‘Spiritually Connected’ EP in all its live glory a couple of months before the final project was set for release.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Full Video: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiGuoRqEiNQ
Edit By: Smith Video Production

Full EP: //flomusicuk.bandcamp.com/album/spiritually-connected