With so much love and respect and blood sweat and tears i did all i had in my might to help EHW grow from the beginning till this day and i am super proud of all you guys and my soul is in de ground the house is build on feel me… Those EHW mega albums are truly a part of my life and meeting all you guys is a reall blessing. I can say i have learned from each and everyone of you and i thank the universe for that… When i was a kid i always dreamed of working with people from all over the world and connect as ONE. Maybe because i grew up being discriminated all the time i search for unity in mankind.

Me (PSL) has come to a point in life where music is no longer my first Priority in life… I need to focus on my life and health and my family that i have been neglecting over the years for music and i found my empress and between you and me (she has no fb) im tryin to build a future with her .. maybe puppy wolf maybe pop the big question 😀 haha you know LIFE << when you focus on that you gotta be in it 100% or its not gonna work. I miss my family allot and yall know moms ain’t doin to good so i wanna be there as much as i can.

My health got ups n downs also and in order to find the motivation and energy to Love Life and love making music i need to spend my energy wisely and from now on for the first time in my life that will go to Myself and my family and my firstborn baby eastgarden music hahahaha….

Know that my soul is with you guys… Know that if any EHW members everrrr need some help with mixing music or any feel free to hit me up as i will not charge for it like i do when others connect me… Thats my everlasting love for you guys!!!

I don’t need to point out the Mega List of tracks we did you guys know this and the EHW listeners know this also TO all The New MEMBERS ON EHW .. WELCOME my brothers i wish you guys nothing but Peace and Harmony and may the elder gods guide you all to Greatness and Succes.

Here by The Eastgarden Crew can be taken off the Roster.
No hate No Beef Only Love and im pretty sure we will still workin on some music Together in the Future…

This is no Goodbye This is a See You Around Feel me!!

Continue to spread love my brothers and sisters…. Hopefully one day our trains Connect again and we create Some More Magic.!!

Salute … Mister Personal & Eastgarden Music…

ps. i will finish this small EHW tape i was workin on in silence and give it to the admins asap … Love = Love

Pretty sure everybody will understand

It Was a Honour To Serve as a General … Salute