NEW VIDEO: K4M aka Kam Beats – De Wind Waiit feat. Mister Personal

HAPPY RELEASE DAY Kam Beats !! First Single Available on All Streaming Platforms 👁De Wind Waait ft. Mister Personal !! Follow K4M on Spotify !!

special shoutout 2 Francis Ali for helpin us out with the Antwerp Footage
& Big Bad Wolf Ricardo for P’s Footage

KAM KAM KAM we at Eastgarden are so Proud of you, In a Couple years you managed to create a whole new chapter for us all. Titans & Lycans will go down in Eastgarden history as one of the strongest releases and that was just us meeting up HAAAH now we are family and so much more beautifull chapters are on the way… I remember you showing me your first recordings having lil doubts about what you wanna do lyricly.. I Told you right away BRO You Will be Such a FRESH WIND in Flemish Hiphop you have no idea How Fuckin Dope This is… And Boom you wrote De Wind Waait… In My Ears one of the dopest shit i heard in flemish…You are so ahead of your game bro and your in connection with the World And Mother Nature … And we at Eastgarden are Proud to Call You OUR BROTHER!! Shoutout to Agi-State there is no kam without you brother Thanks for Keepin the Fam Sane & Insane and outta this planet when needed… 

MAY THE K4M (kam as artist, not producer)SAGA BEGIN!!

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