Titans & Lycans CD





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1. Intro
2. Would Like to Know feat. Big Huey
3. Whipe Your Frown feat. Big Huey
4. Say Sumthing feat. Big Huey, Ill Proceeja, Eject
5. Have Sum Fun feat. Jace Abstract, Big Huey
6. Oo Yeah feat. Nadeche, Big Huey, Lev Carty
7. Who’s That feat. Big Huey
8. Reminisce feat. Big Huey, Chantalot
9. Danger (feat. Big Huey, Boejakka Alfa Faya Blackz, Chantalot, Royalee & Eject) Big Huey, Chantalot, Eject
10. Approachable feat. Starrlight & Big Huey
11. Time 2 Kill feat. Big Huey & Lev Carty
12. One Time feat. Starrlight & Chantalot
13. Outro