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TReBeats – Brothers Are Worldwide

TReBeats - Brothers Are Worldwide

1. Intro (cuts DJ JS-1, D-Cypha & DJ Clapto)
2. I’m Free (feat. Unknown Mizery, Gavlyn & Niyulah)
3. Gully (feat. The Society Of Invisibles)
4. Cronicas De Barna (feat. DeLaRue Squad)
5. Still 90′s (feat. Mo The General, Gadget, Berry & JR De Regeheger)
6. Lyrical Mastery (feat. PSL Persoonlijk, C-Real, Influenza & Psyco Tight)
7. No Trust (feat. Empne)
8. Gägeüber (feat. C-Real)
9. Embodiment Of Evil (feat. Gutta, Empne, EQ, Lord Lhus & Pole)
10. Bloodtype (feat. Grim Moses, Joey Baggas & Axiom)
11. Worldwide (feat. PSL Persoonlijk, Born Unique, Ferzan, Visel MC, Niyulah, Akel, Manic MC, Sodomas, D-Seize, La Guigne, C-Real & Black Pope)
12. Monster Within (feat. DoneOne)
13. My Home (feat. Mo The General, J-Smith, Berry & Akel)
14. Je Wilt Een Bangers (feat. PSL Persoonlijk)
15. Death To The Enemy (feat. The Society Of Invisibles) (cuts Drew Dollars)
16. Shake That Ass Girl (feat. Kara Juelz)
17. Wake Up (feat. JR De Regeheger, Chief Kamachi, PSL Persoonlijk & C-Dash)
18. Can You Scratch Like This (cuts DJ JS-1, D-Cypha & DJ Clapto)
19. F.T.W. (feat. C-Dash, Psyco Tight, Ferzan, Grom & C-Real)
20. Conspiracy (feat. Fantom, Grim Moses, Gods & Monsters)
21. Colussus Concept (feat. Judgement) (cuts DJ Madhandz)
22. Resurrection Of Hip-Hop (feat. Black Pope, Akel, Kalhas, C-Dash & Aneeway Jones) (cuts DJ Madhandz)